New Propagandhi Song Gets The Brain Moist

There's no place like the motor league, there's no place like the motor league...

If there’s one thing I can count on in this world, it’s that impending albums from the old bastards in Propagandhi will get me disproportionately excited. With each record’s release there’s always the sensation that the next album will shred with even mightier strength, restoring a few inches or so of my ever-waning faith in humanity. And by Crom, that feeling is reaching peak once again.

The manboys from Prop have recently debuted the final song from their forthcoming album, Failed States, for your streaming pleasure. Check out the track’s debut here, exclusively on Lambgoat, and prepare for some first-rate loin moistening.

If you missed it before, they’ve also released the title track for streaming, which you can go ahead and treat yourself to here.

This new opus from the Propagoons releases September 4th, and rest assured, we will be here to cover the release with plenty of beer, one shiny hunk of vinyl, and endless errant juices.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m flying down to Florida next month to go to The Fest, which they will be playing. I’ve never really listened to them beyond a few songs here and there, but I’m pretty excited to check them out. Seeing a band live always makes listening to their stuff more exciting.

    • The Forgetful Brain

      Dude. SO JEALOUS.

      I think that’s the show where they’re playing with Good Riddance, who is on a reunion tour, and the only other punk band I really have a raging boner for.

      I saw Prop twice on their tour circuit some years back, and it was pretty incredible. Some folks can’t really appreciate either of Prop’s vocal styles, but I’ve been a huge fan for years, and even if you don’t dig the vocals, the music backing it is just unbelievable.

      Those manboys can shred.