About Us

The Angry Luddite is a digital magazine launched in January of 2012. We write on a variety of subjects, though often focus on all things beer, music, film, or gaming related. Currently, all content is produced in sporadic shreds of free time, for free, by a small core of writers.

And, regarding the name – yes, we are aware it’s a complete contradiction, as are many (to most) of the things we write about on here. And yes, the irony intended is tongue-in-cheek at best. But that’s the world we live in – imperfect and full of contradictions. And that’s what TAL is all about: beautiful, imperfect things that we love – and sometimes, those that infuriate us, too.

If you are interested in what we’re doing, bookmark us, sign up for a commenter account, grab a username for the forum, or get in contact with us.

We are currently accepting original content submissions as well. If you’d like to write for TAL, drop us a line with your pitch at contact@theangryluddite.com.